Get work done, securely.

It's your data, and you should control who has access to it. Create documents, share files, and get work done with industry-leading security.

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Graphite can be used any way you want, but it's especially useful for businesses, journalists, NGOs, and attorneys.
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All your work is encrypted with private keys owned by each user. No third-party, including Graphite, can access or see any of your data. For businesses, this means complete control over your data and your customers' data.


It's more than just writing. Design around the story. Share drafts without worrying about privacy. Collaborate in real-time while maintaining full encryption. Tools to make it easy to get from first draft to final draft. Collaborate safely with sources.


Whether it's public policy, human rights, social movements, or something else, organizing and distributing information takes coordination. Graphite helps you coordinate simply and securely so you can focus on what matters.

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Your clients deserve the best privacy possible. Simple encryption with private keys owned by you and your clients make this possible in Graphite. From whistleblowers to consultations, your clients are protected.


Create and edit documents, collaborate in real-time, store and share files, and get more done–securely.
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No vendor lock-in. Sign in with the secure authentication provider of your choice.
Graphite dashboard
Clean dashboard to quickly access files and start new work.
Graphite document
A document editor built for the web but with the power of a word processor.
Graphite vault
Store and share encrypted files of almost any type, with built-in web viewing.

Everything is encrypted

When you first create an account, your encryption keys are generated with your master passphrase (think of it as your password). Those keys are owned by you and make your data unreadable to anyone but you.
  • Cloud Security
  • Convenient Access
  • User Owned
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This is what your data looks like before it ever leaves your computer.
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Why Graphite

We don't want to see what you're doing.
Graphite founder, Justin Hunter

Watch Graphite founder, Justin Hunter, talk about what makes Graphite different.

Security and privacy come first

Graphite is not in the surveillance capitalism business. In fact, the only business Graphite is in is protecting your data by giving you full ownership over that data.

As a privately owned company with no board to answer to, we put you before profit. Your data is yours. It's not ours to sell. It's not ours to build algorithms from. It's not ours to see.

  • You choose where your data is stored
  • Everything is private by default
  • Cloud convenience with none of the privacy trade-off
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Built to get work done

Pricing Plan

Graphite is entirely free to use for individuals, but if you're an organization in need of more security and privacy in your productivity suite, we should talk.




  • Unlimited documents (up to your storage provider limit)
  • Unlimited contacts (up to your storage provider limit)
  • Unlimited file uploads (up to your storage provider limit)
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Public share links


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  • All free plan features plus:
  • Team collaboration
  • Up to 10 users
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Custom Business Storage Hub
  • Email Support


Custom Solution

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  • All Pro plan features plus:
  • Custom development solutions
  • Managed deployment of storage hub
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Graphite Press

A sampling of Graphite's reception in the media.
Mozilla podcast logo
Some people believe that decentralization is the inevitable future of the web. They believe that internet users will start to demand more privacy and authenticity of information online, and that they’ll look to decentralized platforms to get those things. But would decentralization be as utopian as advocates say it could be?
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I usually write in Google's online word processor Google Docs, even when noting the company's shortcomings. This article is different: it was drafted in a similar but more private service called Graphite Docs.
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The decentralised web isn’t quite here yet. But there are apps and programs built on the decentralised model. Many are experimental but some of the more developed products include Graphite Docs (a Google documents alternative).
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